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Pict Clanns of Albann



The MacIvers and the MacIvors were the MacGregors of Glenn Lyon, and were full fledged members of the Clan Council.  In the 13th century, Scottish Kings were busy trying to regain the western islands from the Norse.  The far west still owed allegiance to the Norse King, so every Spring, MacGregors were urged to join in those crusades.  In 1221, a contingent of MacIvors went into Argyll to fight for King Alexander II, and they did so well that Alexander rewarded them with lands in Lergachionzie and Asknish.  Little is known of these MacIvors after they settled in their new territory.

The remaining MacIvors in Glenn Lyon were massacred by the Stuarts in 1685, and their lands were seized.  Their seat on the Clan Gregor Council was assumed by the MacGregors of Roro.  Their lands were eventually sold to the Campbell Duke of Argyll, who was intent on owning all of western Scotland.  Their lands were restored by Argyll, although, as were so many other MacGregors, they were forced to assume the Campbell name, and pay him rent.